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Top 10 Hotels in Santa Fe

10. La Posada

MAP   SITE   (505) 986-0000

This upscale resort is laid out across six (yes, six!) acres of beautifully landscaped land. Already on board? Dating back to the 1880s and close to all the major landmarks of the city, you won’t be sorry you chose this Top 10 Santa Fe hotel to rest your noggin. Come be pampered at the La Posada de Santa Fe and sleep like royalty. Check-in 4 PM, check-out 12 PM. 

9. Inn on the Alameda

MAP   SITE   (888) 984-2121

Hipsters, we think you’ll appreciate this one in particular. The Inn on the Alameda is a beautiful boutique hotel that has all that extra charm you’ve been searching for. Stay on an adobe compound and never leave the history of the region, even to sleep. But don’t be fooled by the historic structures, inside is a modern, amenity-filled paradise to get you through your travels with ease. Enjoy a complimentary “Breakfast of Enchantment,” and fill yourself up with magic. Check-in 4 PM, check-out 12 PM. 

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8. Hotel Santa Fe

MAP   SITE   (505) 982-1200

Sometimes it’s just nice to stick with the classics, right? Hotel Santa Fe is your classic, luxury hotel with all the bells and whistles you expect from that level of swag. The best surprise? This Top 10 Sant aFe hotel is the only inn in town owned and operated by Native Americans—how neat is that? Experience the joys of staying in an adobe structure and listening to the Native flute while also charging your iPhone—the heaven of the millennium. Check-in 4 PM, check-out 12 PM. 

7. Inn and Spa at the Loretto

MAP   SITE   (505) 988-5531

If you’re looking to be pampered and relaxed, boy have we got a treat for you. The entire philosophy of the Inn and Spa at the Loretto is just that—the epitome of relaxation and escape. With classic pueblo architecture, phenomenal location, and incredible service, you definitely won’t regret this Top 10 Santa Fe lodging choice like you did when you drank all that Southwestern wine, oops! Don’t worry, you can probably beat that hangover in their full-service spa. Check-in 4 PM, check-out 11 AM.

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6. Old Santa Fe Inn

MAP   SITE   (505) 995-0800

Even though the word “old” is literally in the name of this place, there is nothing stale about their service, amenities, or facilities. Along an historic section of Route 66, this family-owned Top 10 Santa Fe hotel will elevate your stay to the next level. Boasting hospitality from a simpler time, they’ll take you to your roots to experience the simple joys in life—a nice break from worrying about how many Instagram followers you have or Facebook likes you get. Check-in 4 PM, check-out 11 AM. 

5. La Fonda

MAP   SITE   (505) 982-5511

This is an icon of Santa Fe—repeat! An icon of Santa Fe! This absolutely fabulous hotel opened in 1922 and has been wooing patrons ever since. Featuring a gorgeous lobby, incredible bed and breakfast packages, and a location next to all the local museums, you won’t know which direction the culture is coming from when it hits you. By the way, they also have a full service spa, no big deal. Check-in 3 PM, check-out 12 PM.

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4. Inn of the Gov.s

MAP   SITE   (505) 982-4333

Doesn’t the name itself sound like you ought to stay there? You’re basically royalty, right? The most stunning feature of this amazing Top 10 Santa Fe hotel is the effort and detail that goes into the authentic Native American décor in each and every room of the establishment. Prepare to be awed by the gorgeous materials, elegant paintings, and breath-taking sculptures. With colors so bright, there is no way you can be grouchy (even if you didn’t get that deal at the Traveler’s market). Check-in 4 PM, check-out 12 PM. 

3. Eldorado

MAP   SITE   (505) 988-4455

Prepare yourselves for a unique stay, travelers! Easily earning a spot on our Top Ten Santa Fe lodgings is the Eldorado Hotel and Spa—a stay like no other. Visit the heated rooftop pool for stellar views of the surrounding landscape or the full service spa, specializing in native plant and herb treatments, for the ultimate relaxation package. Come see why the Native Americans are so at peace, and steal a slice of heaven for you and your traveling companions. Check-in 4 PM, check-out 12 PM.

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2. Inn of Five Graces

MAP   SITE   (505) 992-0957

This is not a stay, it’s a retreat! A retreat away from the bad and towards the good—a.k.a. towards gorgeous adobe structures, high-end amenities, and magnificent service. Enjoy a complimentary breakfast on their beautiful patio or experience a Tibetan massage at Top 10 Santa Fe Inn’s exemplary spa facilities. No matter what you do here, it’s going to be classy, and it’s going to be relaxing. Come check out the sensuous and fanciful atmosphere of this incredible establishment. Check-in 4 PM, check-out 12 PM. 

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1. Rosewood Inn of the Anasaszi

MAP   SITE   (505) 988-3030

Snatching the number one spot on our Top Ten Santa Fe hotels is none other than the Rosewood Inn of the Anasaszi—the perfect combination of cool and class. Built in classic adobe architecture and offering all the best amenities, the Rosewood has got this hotel thing down pat. Grab a bite in the delicious Southwestern restaurant, steal a view on their gorgeous patio, or order an in-room aromatherapy session. No matter what, you’ll be feeling smooth. Check-in 4 PM, check-out 11 AM. 

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